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Cricket Information for Hindi Language | Kids School Project 

India is the national sport hockey, but in terms of popularity, cricket is far ahead of hockey. Cricket is a game that has played in every street-mohalla of India There is hardly any Indian who has never played cricket in his life, whether he knows the rules of the game or not. In schools, children are often asked to make a project over cricket. You can use this information related to cricket in your project.
Cricket Information for Hindi Language |  Kids School Project
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Game between two teams

Cricket is a game that is played between two teams Each team has 11 players and some other players Before the game, tosses between the two teams, and the winning team gets the opportunity to select batting or bowling. Firstly, the batting team gets the other team a target. If the other team in the fixed hour chases the target then it is declared the winner and if the first team gets out before the other team gets the goal then the first team is called victorious.

How is cricket played

A team battles in cricket and the other team is bowling. The batsman tries to make maximum runs for his team and the bowler tries to dismiss it. A boundary line formed around the ground If the ball goes straight out of the boundary line, the batsman gets 6 runs and if the ball crosses the boundary then it gets 4 runs. Apart from this, batsmen can also make runs by running between wickets. The bowler has only one goal - to dismiss the batsman The batter can be out in this game in many ways, including catch-out, stumping, run-out, hit wicket, clean bowl.

Cricket three types of format

Cricket But the modern world has made cricket even faster. Cricket at international level has played today in three formats: ODI cricket (

(One Day Cricket) - The game runs in this format of cricket all day. In ODIs, both teams get an opportunity to bat and bowl 50-50 overs. The first one-day match was 60 overs, after which the threshold of the overs was reduced to 40. But in the end it was a 50 Hour game

 Test cricket - Test cricket is the oldest format of this game A test match is played for 5 days. It gives both teams a chance to play two innings The special thing about a Test match is that there is no limit to the number of overs for any team. Approximately 90 hours of play is played every day for five days. 

T-Twenty cricket - T-20 match is the most aggressive format of cricket In this three-hour match, both teams get 20-20 overs for batting and bowling. In this format, there are frequent rain and rain showers on the ground,

  • Batsman - The player who has called the batsman 
  •  Bowler - The player who bowls the bowler 
  •  Fielder - All the players of the bowling team are standing in the field. These players were told to stop the fielder. 
  •  Wicketkeeper - The player standing in front of the wicketkeeper 

  •  Umpires - two umpires All judges like getting out in the match or making runs take the umpire Third umpire - sometimes the umpire can not decide whether the batsman is out or not, or the ball is a stage outside the boundary line or inside The third umpire is held to take such decisions He helps in making the computer while sitting in Pavilion. 

  •  Man of the match - This title was given to the best performer during the whole match. Records- When a player gets extraordinary achievement during the match, it is called a record. 
  •  Century - When the batsman completes 100 runs, he is called a hundred. In the same way, there are half-centuries and double centuries in the game too. Over-Cricket has an oval of 6 balls How many overs are bowlers in a match, it depends on cricket format. 
  •  Duckworth Lewis Rule - This game is one of the most intriguing rules of this game. When the match has been turned off due to bad weather or any other reason, then the Umpire Series - Many matches played in series World Cup - This is the most popular and enhanced tournament of cricket. In this tournament, the world's best team competes for the championship title.

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