Chris Gayle Personal Life | क्रिस गेल जुडी अनसुनी बातें

Chris Gayle Personal Life | Chris Gayle unheard of things

Speaking of international cricket, West Indian player Chris Gayle is one of the most aggressive batsmen. From Test to T-Twenty, he has shown his batting position in every format. The world's tallest manuscripts are also afraid to bowl in front of Gayle. Gayle has made many big names during his international career, breaking that would not be easy for any player. Today we are going to share some things about Chris Gayle with you that will make Chris Gayle crazy:
Chris Gayle Personal Life |  Chris Gayle unheard of things
Chris Gayle Personal Life | Chris Gayle unheard of things
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Starting with Lucas Cricket Club, Chris Gayle started his cricket career with Lucas Cricket Club. Chris Gayle gives credit to his best cricket career to Lucas Cricket Club. Gayle says that if Lukas was not in the club, then perhaps I would have been battling the road today. An institution named Lukas Cricket Club is named after Gail.

Gale, who was found on Heart's disease, was on a tour of India in the beginning of her career. During a batting match, Gayle's sudden chest had very acute pain. The pain was so fierce that he had to retire in the match. Gayle's Heartbeat was not completely recovering. Due to this disease Gayle had a big operation and after that he would return once again to cricket.

The luxurious house in Jamaica is said that the financial condition of Chris Gayle's house in childhood was not very good. But today they do not lack any thing. In Jamaica is the luxurious house of Gale, which has two swimming pools, four garages, a bar and a cinema. Not only this, the glass on top of the walls in their house is also engaged.

Chris Gayle, Chris Gayle, spends his money freely in the work of social service. In Jamaica and London, Gayle runs an organization called 'Chris Gayle Academy'. This institution provides good education to children. Apart from this, this institution also helps in providing job opportunities to the youth. Cricket has played for many teams Chris Gayle plays cricket for West Indies and Royal Challengers Bangalore All this knows. Apart from this, Gayle has also played for Barisal Burners, Dhaka Gladiators, ICC World 11, Jamaica, Jamaica Telewah, Kolkata Knight Riders, Metabelland Tuskers, Somerset, Stanford Superstars, Sydney Thunder and Western Australia teams.

Worse relationship with the West Indies Cricket Board Chris Gayle's career has not been good relations with the West Indies Cricket Board since the beginning. Often both of them are seen turning upside down each other. Gayle has criticized the board many times about the team's sponsorship and not providing good facilities. Due to his criticisms, the board has also made him out of the team many times. His name, Chris Gayle, made extraordinary records in his career, making several unusual records in his name. Gayle was the first cricketer to score a century in all three formats of the game.

The record of making the fastest century in IPL is also Gail's name. Apart from this, Gayle is the only batsman to score a six on the first ball of the Test match. Due to these all records, they are also known as Gelford and World Boss. Apart from cricket, there are many hobbies Gale is a very fond mood. Gayle has often been seen celebrating holidays with girls. He has opened his pub with the name 'Triple Century Bar', where he often goes to party. Ram is a favorite drink of GAIL. After winning the match Gayle celebrates it in his style. After winning the T-Twenty World Cup, his Gangnam Style was quite popular.

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