GR8 1983 Bat Unboxing And Review - Best Bat For Hard Tennis Ball

Hello Guys, Hopefully You will Be safe. In this Blog We will be review a brand new bat from GR8 Bat manufacturing Company and that is "GR8 1983". In this post we will show you All features and specification of GR8 1983 Bat.
GR8 1983 Bat Specification
GR8 1983 Bat Unboxing and Review

GR8 1983 Bat Specification And Features - GR8 1983 Review

  1. Inspired by Newberry Excalibur, Kapil dev used similar shaped bat to hit 175 runs.
  2. Made of Kashmir willow, please talk about grains being visible
  3. Weight removed from shoulder to make it like baseball bat, giving it good bat swing.
  4. It is mongoose bat.
  5. Comes With Toe Protection That gives Awesome protection to bottom of the bat.
  6. Singapore Cane handle with comfort grip to absorb impact better.
  7. Makes dilscoop type shots behind the wicket easy as you can grip the bat easily around the neck/shoulder
  8. It is good for hard ball tennis cricket.
  9. Comes with a stylish bag.
  10. This design is quite new in the market, graphics and color have retro team India cue.
1983 GR8 Bat Design and Graphics Explanation

Special Things You know About GR8-1983

This bat is similar like mongoose bat that is used by Kapil Dev in 1983 World cup in do or die match. Bat gives you goosebumps as its design is quite new in the market and you might never seen this kind of much bat before. In 83 movie you can also see this kind of bat only, you will see ranveer singh will play in this movie with this kind of bat only.

Below is Some Pictures of GR8 1983 Bat:
GR8 1983 Bat new
GR8 1983 Image
GR8 Bat 1982
GR8 Bat
GR8 1983 Bat
GR8 1933 Bat
GR8 1983 Bat Review By Khushal Barot
GR8 1983 Bat Review By Khushal Barot

GR8 1983 Bat Unboxing And Review Video By MT Support

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I hope you like this blog post regarding Gr8 1983 Bat review And Unboxing, Please Do comment and tell what's your view on this bat. feel free to comment if you have any query regarding cricket Also.

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