How to Focus on Ball in Cricket? - Best Drills For Cricketers to Concentrate on Ball

Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Our Blog, Today We will Taught you about How To Focus on the ball till the end in Cricket? Please Read Full Article To gain knowledge about Focusing on ball drills in cricket, For Cricketer it is very essential to concentrate on the ball to improve his performance in the match especially for batsmen. So in this post i will share Best Drills to improve your concentration on ball while playing cricket.
Drill for How to focua on Ball
How To Focus On Ball in Cricket?

How To Focus On Ball While Playing Cricket? 

Dear Friends, Here We are Sharing Some Amazing Drills That will help you to improve your focus while playing cricket. As I already Mention that to improve your game you need to be more focus on ball. I will Sharing General Drills that will be useful for Batsmen, Wicket keeper And Fielder as well. Every body can Try this drills and take your Focus and concentration to next level.

Drills For Cricket Players To Improve Focus On Ball

I am Sharing 4 Best Drills for Cricketer to concentrate ball till end, Please Check all and Practice on Daily Basis. All 4 Dills are entertaining and you will definately have lots of fun after doing this drill for sure. So please try all drills.

1. Tap The Ball  

-It is most recommended technique to improve your focus on ball, in this drill you have to simply take one bat and ball and you have to tap the ball onto the bat as shown in below image and try to do as much count as you can. Please Comment also How much time you can tap the ball on the bat. There is also advance version on the the the ball, like Tap the ball on edge of bat, tap the ball on Bat handle, You can try that as well.
Tap The Ball
Tap The Ball

2. Batting With Stump

- Batting with the stump is next drill, In this Drill You have to take 1 stump instead of bat and you have to practice with that. You have to play regular shots as you play on nets or in practice session. When you can hit the ball with the stump means now you can see the ball clearly and now when you play with your regular bat, You can easily time and middle it Well.
Batting Ptractice With Stump
Batting Practice With Stump

3. Catching Practice Against Wall

- In this Drill You have to stand against Wall and tell your friend to throw ball from behind, So when you see ball you have to react early to catch it. This drills is most useful for Wicket Keeper to increase their concentration on ball and reduce reaction time. This Drills also have advance version to increase difficulty level, Instead of flat wall you can tried this drill at corner of wall.
Catch Practice Against Wall
Catch Practice Against Wall

4. Catch Practice with Your Friends

- With Friend We Enjoy, So in this Drill you have to do catch practice with your friend Either you can practice flat catches and also if you wish you can practice flat catches as well. In this Drill When you have to catch the ball, you must need to Focus on the ball Till the end, otherwise you will not able to catch the ball.
Catch Practice With Friend
Catch Practice With Friends
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See Video And Learn How To Focus On Ball Till the End:

So I Hope You Like All the Drills to Focus On the Ball While Playing Cricket. Tell Your Favorite Drill Through Comment Section.

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