How To Increase Bat Speed In Cricket? - Best Drills To improve Your Bat Swing/Power

Hello guys, Back our Blog. In this post we will give you a knowledge of how to increase your bat speed or bat power or you can say bat Swing. When you want to hit big shots like fours and six you must required good bat speed and swing. In this article we will talk about drills that will increase your bat speed during batting.
How to Increase Bat Speed
How To Increase Bat Speed?

How to improve your bat speed in cricket? - Awesome Drills For Bat Swing

For batsman, bat speed help a lot to to hit long sixes and fours. it is also essential in the fast pitch where ball come faster. Many people don't have a good bat speed that's why they are not good at striking a ball well. So here we will give you are amazing drill that will 100% increase your bat speed and so that you can easily hit sixes and fours in cricket matches.

Drills/Exercises For Improve Your Bat Speed While Batting

So now I will be sharing some of the best drills for exercise to increase your bat speed. Please follow all drills and exercise everyday to enhance your ability to Swing your bat easily.

1. Practice with heaviest bat you have 

In this drill you have to pick up the heaviest bat that you have in your kit, and you have to practice for knocking or regular practice as you do. In this drill you are tickling your mind and you make your mind fool, your mind think that you have to play with this bat and your mind ready for heavier bat. But in actually when you are going to bat you have a lighter bat then you already practicing with in that scenario you can easily Swing your bat and increase your bat speed easily.
How to increase Bat Speed with Heavy Bat?
Practice With Heaviest Bat

2. Practice with two bat 

In first drill show so that, you have to practice with heavier bat you have, But in this drill instead of one bat you have to use two bat to do the same thing. This drill working same as first drill as you are tickling mind again. In this drill there is one difficulty that you will face, that is you cannot easily grip two bat. So that it is difficult than first drill and I recommended this drill to all the batsman.
How to practice With Two Bat?
Practice With Two Bat

3. Reduce Bat Weight

It is science, when you have a light you can easily swing the bat and at the end your bat speed will increase. Many new batsman reduce their bat weight for increasing their bad speed and swing, especially in Tennis Cricket you have seen slotted bat to reduce bat weight. In below image you can see the kind of bat that are quite lite than regular bat. So reduce of  bat weight will increase your bat speed.
Lighter Bat To increase bat Speed
Lighter Bat To increase bat Speed

4. Increase your forearm power 

Yes friend, when you are batting, your forearm for anyone to swing a bat easily with their hand has the the superior muscle to grip your bad and if your muscle are strong enough then it is easier to swing bat. So for bat speed and bat Swing improvement your forearm must be strong and you have to daily exercise for that.
Watch Video For forearm Power: Click Here To Watch

5. Free rotation of shoulder 

You notice when you swing your bat your shoulder rotates. And if your shoulder is not able to rotate freely and you did not exercise for it your solder maybe jam. To avoid that you must exercise as shown on picture, you have to raise your both hand to the sky and hold it for at least three to five minutes daily this exercise helps you to rotate your shoulder freely and once your solder will rotate freely you are able to swing your bat easily and hence your bat speed will increase.
Shoulder Rotation
Exercise for Free Shoulder Rotation
Check Video For Increasing Bat Speed - Click Here To Watch

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Hope you like today's article that is related to "how to increase your bat speed easily?" using all this drill and exercise you can definitely increase your bat speed and swing.

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