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Hello guys welcome back to our Blog. In today's article we will tell me about five mistake that is happened by batsmen in cricket matches. If Batman is not doing this mistake then best man can play long innings like rohit Sharma. So in this post we will tell you 5 big mistake that all batsman should avoid while batting to play long innings like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli.
This Mistakes Every Batsmen to Avoid
5 Mistake Every Batsmen to Avoid

This five mistake all batsman to avoid while playing big inning

If you are a batsman then this article is for you, in this article we will talk about mistakes that is made by batsman while playing inning. many batsman play very good at the beginning of their innings but not able to convert that beginning to the milestone or not able to score 50/100. To hear I will taught you what mistake not to do while batting so that you can hit it good score on the board.

Most happened 5 mistake by batsman while batting

So Below mention is 5 big mistake of Batsmen while batting, Kindly avoid this mistake while you batting.

1. Sledging

Yes, this is the biggest reason why batsman loose his/her concentration from the ball and through wicket to the bowler. Many time bowler try to sledge batsman intentionally so that he or she lost concentration from the ball and not able to connect a ball so that they will get out. 
Sledging in Cricket
Sledging in Cricket
So every batsman should avoid sledging, means they have to keep their mind cool and whenever any bowler or fielder or wicket keeper tries to sledge you you have to keep your mind calm and you have to concentrate on the ball so that you can play a great innings. 

2. Breaks 

The second reason of losing concentration from the ball is break, you might seen many wickets are fallen after break. You can considered of break, like drinks break, lunch break, tea break, strategic time out break etc. In breaks batsman's focus from the ball are gone. Whenever breaks finish batsmen has to again focus on the ball. And that is quite difficult as you are beginning your evening again. Too many of the time after brakes batsman tries to hit ball harder then ball did not connect well to the bat and batsman got out. 
Batsmen in between Break
Batsmen in between Break
After break every batsman should keep Eyes on a ball and tries to regain focus on the ball and play a safely at the beginning.

3. Milestone 

Yes milestone mistake, what is milestone mistake? When batsman hit 50 or 100. He celebrate his milestone and after that batsman relax and play at the time batsmen took bowler lightly and Play Lazy shots due to this sometime he got caught out by the fielder or get bold. Batman thoughts he or she hits hundred Run so his or her work done but instead of that you have to took a responsibility that you have to finish this match and you make sure that your team win this match easily. 
Batsmen After Milestone
Batsmen After Milestone
So you have to keep Eyes on a ball and play regular short as you are beginning your innings again show that it you play a big innings.

4. Overconfidence

Sometime batsman become overconfident against week team, and he thought that he can play Wherever he can want and due to his overconfidence he made big mistake either batsman caught out or bowled by a bowler. 
Rishabh Pant Got Out
Rishabh Pant Got Out
Here Your temperament work. Batsman should never get overconfident against any team. Be confident but not overconfident.

5. Pressure

Biggest reason is pressure. Sometime batting condition are not in your favor and you are pressurize yourself. You ask question to yourself how can I survive on this kind of batting condition, and you lost your confidence and you pressurize yourself and you throw your wicket to the bowler. Even sometimes what happened that early wickets are fallen and you have to take responsibility of your team but you you are not able to handle a pressure and you got out. 
Jadeja Play Beautifully Under Pressure in WC 2019
Jadeja Play Beautifully Under Pressure in WC 2019
In this situation you have to keep your mind calm and you play a regular short you follow the batting basic and that will help you to released from pressure. When batsman survive in difficult situation and condition he became hero for his team like Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma.

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