Just do this 2 exercises for hitting long sixes - Forearm Exercise For Batsmen

Hello guys, welcome back to our blog. In today's article we will tell you to exercise for batsman to hit long six easily. Means in today's post We Will tell you only two amazing exercise that will help you to grow your forearms muscles and that will help you to to hit big boundaries easily.
Forearm Exercise For Batsmen
Forearm Exercise For Batsmen

2 Amazing Exercises For Batsmen - Grow your Forearm

As a Batsmen your forearm should be stronger. If your forearm has sufficient power then you can easily hit any ball easily. So all batsmen must need to do forearm workout, Today's life is too fast and too busy we might not get time to work out. So here I will so you only two exercise and that will help you to strong your forearm. Please do this to exercise everyday and you will see the result.

Best Forearm Exercise For Batsmen that you can do anywhere

When we hear exercise or muscle building, we thought of gym but many of us don't want to go to gym. So here I will show you to exercise that you can do in the gym as well as you can do it at home easily. So below is to exercise that you can do for building a stronger forearms and with that stronger forum you can easily trike well with the bat while playing cricket.

1. Exercise with hand strengthener 

For this exercise you need hand strengthener, you can easily get it from your nearby sports shop or you can purchase it online it is very cheap approximately 200 to 300 rupees. 
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In this exercise as you can seen in image you have to press and release hand strengthener from the grip. So do as much count as you can. Please make sure when you to loosen the grip your movement should be slow. The more slower you can do the more power will be generate in your hand and more effective it will help to grow your forearm.
Exercise With Hand Strengthener
Exercise With Hand Strengthener

2. Wrist Curl exercise

MS Dhoni Wrist Curl Exercise
Wrist Curl Exercise by MS Dhoni
Wrist Curl is most effective workout for forearms. In above image you can see MS Dhoni e doing wrist curl exercise. If you don't have dumbbell you can use slab for this exercise as you can see me in below image. 
Wrist Curl Exercise for Batsmen
Wrist Curl Exercise for Batsmen
How to perform wrist curl, you have to take dumbbells on your both hand or only one hand, you have to take support for hand with leg and you have to give moment to your wrist up and down. make sure you make same count on both hand. 

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