5 Batting Drills You Should Try at Home - Best Batting Techniques/Practice

Welcome back guys on our Cricket Coaching Blog, In today's article we will show you some batting drills that you can try at your home. Here I am sharing with you guys 5 batting Drills/practices that will improve your batting. After reading this blog I am 100% sure that after trying this batting drill your batting technique and skill will definitely improve. If you are a cricket lover and you love to improve your batting skill then this post is for you.
5 Batting Drills To Try at Home
5 Batting Drills To Try at Home

5 Amazing Batting Drills For Batsmen To Improve Batting Skills

If you are a batsmen and you want to improve your batting skills then you have to practice this drills. Here we are sowing batting drills that will help you to strong your batting basics. All the drill has its own benefits. So please read this article and try all the batting drills at your home.

Best Batting Drills To Try at Home - Awesome Batting Techniques

When you want to be a good batsman, you need a good batting skill's. below mention 5 Drills will help you to improve your Batting Skills and Techniques. 
1. Hanging Ball 
Hanging Ball - Batting Drills
Hanging Ball - Batting Drills
Hanging ball batting drills most commonly used batting drill to improve your focus on the ball and timing of your shot. Many big cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar also use this technique. As you can seen in the picture you have to set hanging ball at appropriate height that you want then you have to keep hitting hanging ball and you have to make sure that you are hitting from the middle of your bat.
Hanging Ball with one stump
Hanging Ball with one stump
If you want to challenge yourself more, then instead of bat you have to hit hanging ball with stump. hitting with stump is more challenging than bat. At beginning you might not hit properly with the stump. But you have to keep trying and afterward you will be able to hit with the stump properly. When you will be able to hit with stump, you will see your batting performance increase in real matches. 
2. Tap The Ball/Toss The Ball 
Tap the Ball With Bat
Tap The Ball With Bat
Second drill is tap the ball. In this drill you have to tap your ball with the help of bad as you can see in above image. You have to make sure that you are grab your bat with only your one hand. You have to keep tapping ball as much as you can do. With help of this drill your focus on the ball will improve and you can see the ball properly. 
Tap the ball With Edge of Bat
Tap the ball With Edge of Bat
The advance version of this drill is shown in above image. In this you have to toss the ball with the edge of your bat. 
3. Ball in between Head and Shoulder
Ball In Between Shoulder and Head
In this drill, you have to put a ball in between Head and Shoulder and you have to to release ball from there and you have to play cover drive flick shot whatever you want to play. Help of drill your head position and Shoulder position will improve. Many batsman have problem with dropping their head while they are playing with using this drill you can overcome this problem.
4. Shadow Batting Practice
Shadow Batting Practice
Shadow Batting Practice
Shadow batting practice is very helpful technique to improve your stance and your shot selection. In this drill you have to imagine that bowler is bowling and according to to your thinking you have to play a the shots. You can try in front of mirror. So that you can see your stands your head position your shoulder position etc.
5. Shadow Batting With Two Bat
Same as previous drill, but in this drill instead of one bat you have to use two bat. When you practice with two bat, initially you will not able to to back lift properly with bats. But when you keep doing and trying Shadow practice you able to easily batting with two bat. 
Shadow Batting With two Bat
Benefit of this drill is that, when you can batting with two bat, when Swift to again one bat now you can easily swing your bat and hence your bat speed will increase.
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