5 Best cricket fitness exercises - Cricket Workout

Hello Cricket Lovers, Welcome Back To Online Cricket Coaching. Today We will see amazing exercises for cricketer. For Cricketer Maintaining Fitness is essential. So in this article we will talk about five exercise for cricket fitness.
cricket fitness exercises
 cricket fitness exercises - Cricket Workout

Must Try This 5 Cricket Workout - Cricket Fitness Exercises For Cricketer

In cricket, Fitness is must required. When you are getting selected you have to pass fitness test and even after frequently cricketer has to pass fitness test. The Indian cricket team players regularly undergoes of fitness tests called YO-YO Test and apart from BCCI, The Australia and England cricket teams using this test for checking fitness of cricketer. The test is used to evaluate cricketer’s overall fitness.

Best Cricket Exercise Drill For All Cricketer - Best Exercise For Cricket

Below is six best exercise
for your fitness, with help of this exercise your aerobic endurance fitness will stay up to the mark. So please read this article and please do this all exercise daily.

1. Push-ups For Cricket

Push ups is basic exercise, exercise all should do and specially cricketer must do this exercise. with help of this exercise your arm and your chest and your back will work out. And let me tell you this exercise is king of all exercise.
Push Ups For Cricketers
Push Ups For Cricketers
 This exercise you have to do at least two to three times in a week. 
When your arm is stronger than you can easily strike well so all batsman I recommend this exercise for you all.

2. Pull-ups for Cricketer

Pull up is best workout for upper body. cricketer needs to throw ball bowling for striking the ball with the bat. This needs good back power and stability in your shoulder. Pull up workout is best for shoulder and back. 
Pull ups For Cricketers
Pull ups For Cricketers
At starting you will find difficulties and frankly speaking it's hardest exercise. So you can take help from your friend at beginning. 
You have to do this work out at least once in a week.

3. Squat For Cricketer

Squat fastest and easiest way to build your leg's muscle and strength. This exercise is also good to improve your mobility in the hips. squat is powerful and flexible exercise so that all cricketer must do this. 
Squats For Cricketers
Squats For Cricketers
Especially for fast bowler because as a fast bowler you need to stronger your leg, so this exercise you can do to at least 2 to 3 time in a week.

4. Lunges For Cricket

The lunges exercise is best compound, it worked with the different muscles group. Lunges help improve cricket performance while you are fielding you have to chase the ball, wicked running in between the Wicket and also when you strike the ball with your bat  your lower body must have stable. 
Lunges For Cricketers
Lunges For Cricketers
This exercise help to strengthen your lower body every cricketer must do this exercise at least 2 to 3 times in a week.

5. Leg Press

Leg press exercise is also for the leg. As you can seen in below image you have to perform this exercise in gym.
Leg press For Cricketers
Leg press For Cricketers
You can do this exercise to strengthen your leg if you are not going to gym then its fine skip this exercise. But you have to perform all for exercise I mention above in a gym or at home.
Check This Video: Best Cricket Workout Video

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